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The average SMB

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than market it?

Okay it sounds pretty good, so tell me more.

Almost 50% of SMB owners say that they do all of their own marketing, and spend too much time doing it.
74% of our survey agree - they’d rather focus on 'primary business responsibilities', such as spending time with customers and helping staff exceed expectations.
What's more, 67% of SMB's who hired an internal marketeer wish they'd just hired an agency instead.

And that’s where we come in.

We give you back time and energy to focus on customer service, satisfaction and retention.

Win Your Home By The Sea

Brand, Web, Social, Video, Paid Ads


Six months into their Win a House and Car in Wicklow fundraising campaign, Glenealy GAA were 2,700 tickets short of their sales target – we only had 12 weeks to help turn this around.


To distinguish Glenealy GAA’s campaign from that of similar, lower-priced competitions, we delivered a new positioning strategy and rebrand. Widening its appeal, Win A House & Car In Wicklow became Win Your Home By The Sea. We delivered a new logo, new call to action, website reskin and updated social media profiles.

Then we made noise – a lot of it. Local and national PR drives, open house days, banners, leaflet drops, door-to-door selling, pop-up shops, and a consistent 12-week social media ad and content strategy ramped up sales and captured the attention of news outlets. We achieved x15 return on ad spend and subsequently, sold over 1,000 more tickets than our original 2,700 target.

What's In The Water? Podcast

Brand, Web, Social, Video


Two multi award winning writers, one vision: to launch a new podcast called What’s in the Water? With the name and vision already taken care of, our job was to capture the essence of the podcast with a memorable brand identity, then tell the world about it.


We gave What’s in the Water? a strong brand identity and created guidelines we, and the writers, could run with. From here, we designed and built the podcast website to give potential listeners an overview of what the podcast is all about and who’s behind it. The website made What’s in the Water? searchable across podcast platforms and helped the duo start to build an all-important subscriber list. We created social media profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, using them in the lead up to the launch to promote teasers and run a small competition to spread the word. The result? What’s in the Water? gained over 4,500 active listeners in just a couple of months. 

Greenscene Group

Brand, Web, Video


Greenscene is a 40-year-old company with a very current, on-trend offering: the business installs and maintains office plants and plant systems including green walls. At least, this is the key message their existing website conveyed. With conversations around our connection to nature becoming more and more mainstream, we knew Greenscene’s offering was more than just plants.


We came up with a new word, which would help determine Greenscene’s position in the market and give them a new USP: metronature. Instead of just talking about plants, installation and maintenance, we gave Greenscene a new talking point, one that would capture a wider, health-conscious audience including conscientious business leaders looking to improve the well-being of their workforce. We designed and built a bespoke WordPress website with strong visuals and copy around our newly coined term alongside a new homepage and about section.

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland



We were approached by Acquired Brain Injury Ireland (ABII) to produce a series of multi-purpose videos that focused on their services and response to Covid-19. The videos were to be presented to an audience of clinicians at an international brain injury conference, used to educate new members of staff and later form part of future public awareness campaigns. In short, they had to speak simultaneously to three distinct, diverse groups of people.


We agreed with the client to focus on speaking to these audiences through their peers – like-minded individuals who shared a common ground and understanding. Through a series of interviews with ABII staff and clinicians, we were able to capture first-hand experience of the ABII service in action, the impact of the pandemic and how ABII managed the associated challenges. We also spoke directly with brain injury survivors, giving each one a voice while clearly showing the incredible impact Acquired Brain Injury Ireland has on clients’ lives.

What we do differently

The world we live in is a busy place. There’s too much content vying for our attention and we all have too little time. The only way to cut through all the noise is to answer the consumer question, “What’s in it for me?”.
We find the real customer need and define it
Many marketeers make the mistake of trying to sell their product. It seems like the obvious thing to do but people don’t actually buy products and services, they buy promises. Back in 1971, Coca-Cola went stratospheric with its, ‘I’d like to buy the world a Coke’ campaign. Why? Because it focused on the idea of selling American liberal freedom, not a fizzy drink. Our job, first and foremost, is to find the compelling promise in your business.
We create a story around this promise
When it comes to marketing, if you don’t get seen, you don’t get heard. And in this ever-cluttered world, that’s an increasingly difficult challenge. We create impactful, hard-to-ignore content that tells a story and grabs – then holds – the attention of your customer.
We connect with your customer
In this digital age, it’s not just what you say and how you say it, it’s also where. We define the channels we believe will be the most powerful and cost effective for getting your message seen and heard, then maximise the exposure for your business with intelligent, data-led channel-specific strategies and content.
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