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Paid ads are often an invaluable weapon in your marketing arsenal, but mishandled or mismanaged they can become very costly, time-consuming and bring in little-to no business. There is a reason that PPC ads are sometimes a professional’s entire specialty! It is a very particular skill that takes time and knowledge to master, and honing those skills down to apply them to each individual business is something of an art form. While you may have had some success dabbling in paid ads on social media or even on Google, the dab hand of a seasoned expert is worth its weight in gold – but with us, it won’t cost you nearly that much…

Paid ads, especially if your audience is still growing or your SEO could stand to be improved, can sometimes for the backbone of your incoming business. With the landscape for advertising becoming more and more competitive, and users becoming savvier and more cynical towards ad content in general, the right touch and clever approach will be essential to the success of your campaigns.

What we do

Search, Display and Remarketing Ads

We can use the data available to us via your existing cookies and analytics to create campaigns to precisely target the audience you need. From banners and interscrollers to search page ads, we have the skills to get you seen.

Paid Social Media Ads

With billions of users within reach on social media, we can select the right platforms for your target audience and create cost-effective advertising to appeal directly to your demographic.

Video Ads

Just as we are finding with the popularity of organic video content, paid video ads are becoming more and more effective. Whether it’s for social media, YouTube or display, paid video advertising is a valuable asset.

Google Shopping Ads

A subtler way to draw traffic to your goods, Shopping Ads really showcase individual products based on specific search terms. If you are looking to sell, sell, sell, this method of paid advertising could be the ideal choice.

Gmail Sponsored Ads

Sometimes these ads are so cleverly crafted they slip under the reader’s radar and don’t seem like ads at all. Delivered straight to the top of their Gmail, these sponsored ads appear like email marketing, even without their email address.

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Frequently askedquestions

Social media ads in general incur a much lower cost per click than Google Ads, meaning you can make a significant impact on your bottom line at a minimal cost. We have run many campaigns with as low as €0.01 cost per click for our clients. 

Organic content is something you share on social media for your followers to see organically (i.e. you haven’t paid for it to appear). An advert is a paid post targeted at a key audience that is usually outside of your existing followers.

Social media advertising is absolutely a great tool for small businesses as well as medium and larger corporations. No matter the size of your business or your budget, social media advertising is a great way to increase brand awareness, generate website traffic and conversions and take your business to the next level.

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