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Search Engine Optimisation

Even now with all of the tools and information available to the layman, SEO can be seen as something as a dark art. Why do some websites perform better than others despite being less attractive to scroll through? Why are your high-quality blog posts not getting the clicks they deserve? Why does your website take so long to load? All frustrating questions, but all ones we are able to help shed light on.

SEO must be handled with care and expertise. Best practice can change with every Google update, and the right housekeeping of your existing site is essential for making sure you’re not throwing good work after bad. After all, you wouldn’t build an extension onto rotten foundations, so you oughtn’t to put work into a website with fundamental flaws, right? We can assess your existing website for quick wins and ongoing improvements, as well as recommending a content calendar to keep the health and visibility of your site moving onwards and upwards.

What we do

SEO Strategy

We will assess your existing web presence from top to bottom, taking into account the health and performance of the site as it is now, and the improvements and ongoing work it needs to meet its potential.

Technical Audits / Health Checks

It’s sobering how often beautiful-looking websites are teeming with clunky code, dysfunctional links, looping redirects and low-quality backlinks. We will hunt down these errors and help you to scrape them out.

Performance Tracking

We will get a handle on how your website is currently performing and where we think it should be over time, based on market analysis and your website’s health. This allows us to track the performance of improvements.

Keyword Research

By assessing your competitors and the landscape of your target market we can make suggestions for long and short-tail keywords to target with your content in order to bring in the audience you want.

Competitor Analysis

It’s always healthy to have one eye on the competition, and we can do that with smart data and boots-on-the-ground research, so you will know what your neighbour is up to, and how you can do it bigger and better.

Monthly SEO Management

From consistent, insightful reporting to agile content planning, we can offer monthly SEO management to stay on top of your website’s health and performance and to keep you up to date.

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Frequently askedquestions

Search engine optimisation is a process that helps websites rank higher in search engine results pages. It is an important part of online marketing for any business.

SEO helps to drive traffic to websites. Optimising on-page elements like titles, meta descriptions, and keywords can help with organic ranking. SEO can also help increase the number of visitors to a site by targeting specific keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business or industry.

Yes, we do. This is depending on the package you have with us. Some packages have one off reports and others have monthly or even weekly reporting.

Yes, all of our results and reports will packaged up and sent to you in a simple, easy to read report. This will help you make the right decisions when marketing and pushing your business to reach higher.

Our Account Managers will be with you at every stage, guiding and listening to your requirements and helping you make the correct decisions to push your SEO and website to the audiences and clients you want to work with.

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