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Upcoming Digital Marketing Trends of 2023

Some predictions for 2022 were realised, others were not thanks to a dramatic swing in consumer behaviour and a multitude of adjustments being made within the marketing arena. The following being the largest of such adjustments – eCommerce sales went through the roof globally, the average user time spent on social media increased dramatically and video conferencing became a staple in our lives.

How will these adjustments, the easing of restrictions and phased return to life before Covid continue to shape the marketing industry? Here are our predictions for the year ahead…

Live Streaming & Digital Events:

Being forced to stay at home led to a rise in live streaming both in a branded context or that of a celebrity or influencer or virtual classes/self-improvement workshops.

Through 2022, Facebook’s live viewership rate jumped 50%, Instagram’s climbed 70% and TikTok reported 2 billion global downloads. The slow return to normality provides scope for live streamers to better refine their approach and content delivery creating an increasingly captivating experience, leading to live streaming becoming a staple in our social media diets.

What’s more, the modern consumer, in a world of ambiguous social content which can often be recycled, craves to be a part of something organic and ‘in the moment’.

Digestible Content:

We’ve all had a podcast recommendation from friends, family or colleagues throughout the past year, an important indication of their growth in popularity. The switch to remote working fueled the need for easily digestible content that doubled as background noise for the modern, home office.

Content that was easy to consume on the go was already causing podcast popularity to rise, however, it’s continued growth after the dramatic switch to a still lifestyle is a testament to the podcast’s longevity. If that’s still not convincing enough, advertisers are spending more on podcasts too. A telltale sign of continued growth in 2023.

It’s not just podcasts, infographics and newsletter interactions jumped 14% throughout 2022. Giving further merit to the idea that consumers simply want content that’s informative yet still easy to digest. Anecdotal talking points for consumers to bring up on a Zoom call, which also re-enforce your brand are ideal messages to focus on for the year ahead.

Sustainability & Green Marketing:

81% of consumers feel strongly that companies should work to improve the environment through sustainable practices and green CSR initiatives.

It can’t come as a surprise as sustainability has been a rising tide for years now (excuse the pun), with brands cutting down on their carbon footprint, reducing packaging or opting for sustainable materials. This trend is only set to amplify throughout the year making it as important as ever for your brand to not only implement sustainable practices but to include that in your marketing message.

Presenting your brand as committed to sustainability may be a huge point of differentiation when compared to competitors, building loyalty among consumers and justifying a higher price point. It’s time to incorporate green marketing into your current strategy.

User-Generated Content:

Customer experience is essential to a successful digital presence. At the end of the day, if the customers aren’t engaging with your digital content, something has gone wrong.

Facilitating user engagement through challenges, competitions or promotional videos comes with a wide array of benefits. It builds trust among potential customers, it reinforces the quality of your product or service, it provides mountains of impactful content and it says far more about your product than the in-house marketing material your team is creating.

These are just some of the reasons brands across the world are ramping up their UGC efforts and you should too.

Ditch Your Excess Social Media:

As each platform becomes more refined and frankly, addictive – consumers are settling into using just one or two platforms which they enjoy. The operations and functionality of each platform are different, so, managing 4 or 5 social media accounts to reach 100% of your audience when 90% of your target market are using just one or two platforms, doesn’t add up.

It’s no wonder that brands are wholesale ditching unsuccessful platforms to pump their budgets and attention into the areas where they are the most impactful.

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