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Rebrand helps smash targets on a budget

Rebranding a business


The campaign’s change of direction and constant noise meant some news outlets picked up on the competition. Our initial task was to sell 2,700 tickets and we finished the campaign on a high, selling 3790 tickets.


Gleneally GAA approached us to assist them with their fundraising competition to win a house and car in Wicklow.
The competition: For a €100 ticket, you would be in the draw to win a house and car in Wicklow, worth €330,000.

Gleneally GAA needed to sell 7000 number of tickets in order to break even. They then needed to sell another 2,700 of tickets before they started to raise the funds.
They were six months into their fundraiser and had not hit their targets when they approached us. They had to extend the competition deadline to buy them more time to sell. This is when they engaged us for help. We were given the task of helping them sell 2,700 tickets in the space of 12 weeks. They had already spent 80k in advertising over the 6-month period and still not hit their targets. The ad budget remaining was very limited, and we needed to think differently and fast.


    On doing our research, we could see there were many other similar Win A House campaign types running all over the country. In a lot of cases, price point of the entry tickets was €25, a lot lower than ours.

    We needed to differentiate our competition from all the others.

    1. To distinguish Glenealy GAA’s campaign from that of similar, lower-priced competitions, we delivered a new positioning strategy and rebrand. Widening its appeal, Win A House & Car In Wicklow became Win Your Home By The Sea. We delivered a new logo, new call to action, website reskin and updated social media profiles.

    2. Then we made noise – a lot of it. Local and national PR drives, open house days, banners, leaflet drops, door-to-door selling, pop-up shops, and a consistent 12-week social media ad and content strategy ramped up sales and captured the attention of news outlets. We achieved x15 return on ad spend and subsequently, sold over 1,000 more tickets than our original 2,700 target.
    • PR Drive – on a local level and nationwide
    • More visibility throughout Wicklow – banners in the local area
    • Open House Day
    • Leaflet Drops
    • Pop-up Shops

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