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The Importance of Copywriting

We see it all day every day – via our social feeds, emails, podcasts, documents, websites and personal messages. Copywriting is everywhere and like most commonly occurring things, drifts in conscious ambiguity colliding with us daily, its impact going unregistered.

The recognition of good copywriting and its distinction from just writing really shouldn’t be glossed over. Modern consumers are flooded with nonsense and distractions every waking moment of the day, simply put – if your message doesn’t cut through, you lose out.

Why is copywriting Valuable?

Having a professional, well-written copy on your external communications is simply vital to your success. It fosters profitability, offering an exponential return on investment by convincing your target audience that your offering will meet their needs and offer greater value than your competition.

We all have a rough idea of what copywriting involves, but it is a niche skill set. A skilled copywriter can look at a message or language objectively, in relation to your target market and create a message that optimizes its impact across your entire audience.

Many businesses will simply put together general descriptions on their websites, social media feeds or even pitch decks – ultimately wondering what went wrong when conversions fall. Keeping your target market in mind is key, that’s what skilled copywriters do best.

Effective copywriting turns strangers into customers and customers into loyal, brand-advocating, repeat business. It’s a no-brainer to use copy that sells.

Types of Copywriting:

Copywriting takes many different forms, each with its own tone, structure and desired outcome. The task of copywriting becomes more difficult when writing to account for these varying styles while maintaining consistency in the messaging and brand voice. The target audience should also, always be considered. Copywriting typically comes in one of the following forms, though there are many more.

  1. Ad Copy: Short, memorable and to the point. Ad copy is typically the product of an entire paragraph, whittled down to its most effective, concise form. Often just a few words.
  2. Blog Posting: Blogs need to take a light, open tone. Humour is great in a blog and keeps readers engaged. Blog posts should always be informative and used as a gesture of goodwill towards your readers to build rapport.
  3. Product/Service Copy: Often the most important element for a copywriter to consider, other than the checkout, these are the words that will push customers to make a purchase decision. You want a skilled copywriter to maximize your conversions here.
  4. Web Copy: This is the product/service copy above, only for your entire company. This copy sells you, who you are, whether your brand can be trusted, and its importance can’t be understated.
  5. Video Scripts: Must relate to the video and its contents. Adding impact where needed, structuring sentences to have the maximum effect upon delivery and ultimately engaging and involving your viewers.

Branding Consistency:

The great effort and expense that go into logo design, colour schemes, fonts and everything else that comes with branding, get thrown away by not remaining consistent in all of your brand’s copy across all platforms and external communications.

This can be a lot of work and much harder than anticipated, mistakes are inevitable without experienced help. While a picture tells a thousand words, one word can destroy a picture. Without effective messaging to accompany your no-doubt, costly, graphic designs – the impact disappears.

Copywriting is as important as anything visual, even in the increasingly visual world we live in.

Good Copy Builds Audiences:

In carefully developing a tone for your brand, copywriters put your brand’s visual assets and core identity in verbal form. By doing so, copy ties your marketing material together to speak thoroughly and consistently to your target audience.

Consistency becomes reliability to your followers – maintaining that sense of reliability while providing unique experiences and interactions with each user is how copywriting builds a loyal and active following.

In short, you can’t afford to be sub-par when it comes to something so common in our daily lives. Your messages will just sink into obscurity. We understand how time-consuming and laborious the process of copywriting can be. You’re already stretched thin so why not offload some of your copywriting work on our skilled team?

We’re always happy to offer free consultations to understand your requirements and to explain, in detail, our services and credentials.

Contact us directly, use the chat window, or leave a comment below if you would like to explore our content writing services.

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