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Tripling daily enquiries

Real Irish Golf Hero


This campaign saw Real Irish Golf’s daily inquires shoot up from an average of 2-3 per day to 5-6 per day. One day even resulted in 10 inquiries. That’s what we call scoring well under par.


    Real Irish Golf sells package golf tours in Ireland to an American customer-base, offering them the chance to play on some of Ireland’s best courses while also soaking up the quintessentially Irish atmosphere. Real Irish Golf curate the experiences of their customers from accommodation to the course, which is a huge undertaking for any business. That’s why they needed their own team to look after the rest.


      We began with an audit of Real Irish Golf’s existing website and, following a successful overhaul, we ensured a more friendly user experience and brought their site speed from over 8 seconds to under 3.

      We redesigned their inquiry form for ease-of-use and created a showcase video that effectively communicated their services stylishly and succinctly. All this aided their presentation and maximised the visitors attracted to the website from our ad campaign.

      We used bi-weekly meetings to devise strategies and monitor the success of Real Irish Golf’s advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with ads that we created ourselves. The data observed during these meetings guided and optimised the campaigns as we progressed and grew the brand and, in turn, delivered leads.

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