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The resulting video series met the client needs perfectly and has been working for them since completion in a number of ways. The videos were received well at the conference as intended, they have been integral in Acquired Brain Injury Ireland’s education internally and they have also used the videos to grow their audience and engage their social media following. Subsequently, we have been able to pull from this video archive to assist with additional video edits for other purposes, such as their new website build.


    ABI Ireland approached us to create a multipurpose series of videos which highlighted their services, how they have overcome the challenges of Covid-19 and the impact their services have on their clients. These videos would be presented at an international brain injury conference hosted in Dublin to clinicians and other medical staff who are very familiar with the terminology, rehabilitation, etc involved in ABI Ireland’s work – so we needed to speak their language. As well as that, the content captured and these videos would be used to help new staff better understand the organisation and its primary goals, it’s mission statement almost. So, we needed to also think about how best to speak to this audience. And thirdly, to maximise the value of the project, the client wanted to be able to use snippets from the videos in their outward education and awareness campaigns to the general public.


      We decided, along with the client, that the best way to speak to all these people was through the eyes of their peers, like-minded individuals who have a common ground and understanding. We narrated and built our storyline through a series of interviews with staff of ABI Ireland, including the CEO, clinicians, rehab assistants, etc and got their first-hand experience of the services, how they dealt with the pandemic and what impact they have seen in their daily dealings with clients. We also spoke directly with the brain injury survivors. This was important to show the impact that ABI Ireland’s work has on their client’s lives, but it also gave the brain injury survivor a voice. Something that ABI Ireland is very passionate about. They “do with you, not for you”, so that was important to get across in this series.

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