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Hospitality Sector Business Branding Campaign


Our campaign was a huge success and after one month of activity we had the hotel at maximum capacity with a great number of additional bookings generated for overnight stays in the short term as well as dining reservations and wedding enquiries.


    Tinakilly Country House approached our team to develop a strategy and brand positioning encouraging more overnight stays, dinner reservations and wedding bookings. We needed to look at modernising the brand, updating their tone of voice and image style and implement a sophisticated social media ad campaign encouraging action.


      We began with treating the brand by simplifying the logo down to the stylish typeface which we felt matched with the luxury hotel and gave the brand a more upmarket look and feel. Next we needed to freshen up the messaging and we flipped the usual hotel messaging on its head, so instead of making Tinakilly the place to stay when visiting Wicklow, we made Tinakilly “The Hotel That Defines Wicklow”. This essentially meant that Tinakilly was the defining hospitality destination. They define style, luxury and elegance. From this, we were able to develop a content calendar and social media ad campaign with the theme of “the definition of”. E.g. The definition of class, the definition of luxury, the definition of style, delicious by definition. The images and tone of voice followed suit and was very stylish, vintage, desaturated and classic; almost James Bond style.

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